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Every woman who buried creative talent in fear of being met with failure and disappointment so thereby kept her hidden abilities secret .

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Every man who has long struggled going from job to job and has resolved himself to accept a certain routine because he think that any job is better than none.

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Every man who burys creativity and enthusiasm and accepts a reality that does not truly suit him, and so tells himself; "I am fine and all is well" to content himself.

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A hand on it's own cannot clap, likewise on it's own it is made weak because working alone it is rendered incompetent.

Likewise our aim to achieve success in any work goal or project may only be achieved through synergy. Together through setting a goal and producing a strategy. Collaborating together allows us to share modern and contemporary ideas from our varying and differing nationalities.

Together we can reach our lofty goals and support every needy scientist, writer and social worker. Let us differ on all levels and be an example of innovation wrought through unity.

Let us us be the place where every child realizes his dreams who otherwise strove to excel in his ideas, and make progress, yet did not find the right path or guidance.

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Let us put our hands together to achieve our successes through our support as a humanitarian organization. And let us share our experiences with all honesty and love, so we can collectively succeed and together be proud of our successes.

Bellow are a list of our policies and procedures which are explained in detail and the complete service provided by the center;

Native Speaking 100%
Oral & Written 85%
Arabic Culture 75%

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it's much more than learning a language, it's a curtural and human exchange